Develop An Attitude of Gratitude

develop an attitude of gratitude-01Gratitude is one of the most powerful emotions we can experience, because it is one that we can actively choose to feel. Happiness and love emanate from the feeling of gratefulness.

It’s so important that you choose to be grateful for everything in your life. Most people tend to wait for that one big thing or event to be grateful for, so they miss all of the smaller, more beautiful things in their daily lives they could express gratitude for.

The law of attraction works in such a way that mirrors your inner most thoughts and feelings. In other words, whatever you think about or feel internally the universe seeks to make that your reality externally.

Therefore, if we’re not exhibiting the feeling of gratitude in our daily lives, we may, by default exhibit ungratefulness. When we do that, the universe seeks to send us even more to be ungrateful for.

If you’re seeking to make a dynamic shift in your emotions and in your life, make the choice today to be grateful for everything in your life.

Einstein once said that, “There are two ways to live your life. One is as if nothing is a miracle. The other is as if everything is a miracle.”

We may not be able to comprehend all of the intricacies of the world, but we can marvel at it’s beauty. Even when things look less than positive, challenge yourself to see the beauty in it.

Develop an attitude of gratitude and watch the world change before your eyes.

Why I Love Being An Entrepreneur


why i love being an entrepreneur-01

If you’re an entrepreneur like me, you may find yourself getting caught up in the day to day grind. It truly takes hard work, determination, and a strong degree of focus to execute your vision…but it’s also very important to remember WHY you became an entrepreneur in the first place.

Being able to reflect on those reasons will give you the zest you need to persevere! Here are some of my top reasons for being an entrepreneur:

Having a true sense of accomplishment. Being able to set my own goals and accomplish them may very well be the single greatest pleasure for me. The process of creating a business from scratch is so rewarding, I’ll forever be a serial entrepreneur.

Being able to create opportunities. As an entrepreneur, you’re placed in a unique position to create opportunities for yourself and others. You decide what work needs to be done and create the avenue for which it can be done.

The ability to control the type of work I do and how I do it. This is a big one for me. I’m a firm believer in focusing on one’s strengths while delegating the rest to others (which should then be their strengths). Within a corporation, you may not find yourself playing the role you are best suited for. And if you are, you may not be able to dictate how you are to perform that function. I’ll admit it…I like to do things differently. And that’s why I work for myself.

Being autonomous. Being self motivated is one of the coolest traits to have. When you can find that inner drive to succeed and be the very best you can be, you’ll become unstoppable. There’s no boss to give you direction. No teacher to tell you when the assignment is due. It’s just you.

Being able to stand up for what I believe in. I get to choose the work that really matters to me, and to fight for the causes that I truly believe in. Being an entrepreneur has given me the voice and the platform to speak on, and to represent my core values through my products and services.

Creating products and services that I love. If you’re going to work hard anyway, you might as well do what you love. I have made the mistake of choosing work because of the money I thought I could earn, instead of being truly passionate about what I was offering. As an entrepreneur, you will encounter inevitable hardships, and it’s during these times that you will need passion to see you through.

Being conscious and developing a responsibility to society. One of my more recent desires is to become a social entrepreneur. For me, business success only means so much if I’m not truly contributing to society in a way that advances and elevates people’s lives. Being conscious of the needs of the community really helps me derive a greater sense of purpose.

Working with people that I like. There is nothing better than choosing the people that I work with, and work for, on a day to day basis. I’m able to align with people that truly inspire me, while helping those people whom I wish to inspire. Sometimes it’s necessary even to “fire” certain clients that don’t mesh well with me or my goals. Being an entrepreneur affords me the luxury of choosing to work with people I like.

Improving the economic status for my family and leaving a personal legacy. What it all really boils down to is changing the game for my family. My parents have given everything to put me in the optimum position to succeed. Now it’s my turn to advance the next generation yet another step further. I believe that by being entrepreneurial, I can change the traditional paths my family had to take to get to where we are, and open up the doors of creativity and possibility for new paths to be taken in the future.

The idea of leaving a personal legacy is becoming increasingly important for me as well. Hopefully I’m gauging my intentions correctly, but it is my hope to leave a legacy not for a vain sense of glory, but rather to serve as inspiration to others to choose their own paths and leave legacies of their own. Sometimes our faith in possibilities are limited to what we are able to see with our own eyes, therefore exposure to more examples of people succeeding in this way will encourage more and more people to follow suit and challenge the status quo.

How To Increase Productivity Working From Home


The technology we have today makes it a lot easier for people to work entirely from home, and it’s becoming an increasingly popular alternative. Being able to see more of your family, having more flexibility in your work schedule, and being able to work from anywhere are all amazing benefits, however there are some challenges to be aware of when working from home. Whether you’re running your own business, or working remotely for someone else, here are a few tips to help you increase productivity working from home:

1. Create a dedicated workspace. You can establish an entire room as an office, or you can create an office “area”. I wouldn’t advise ploppin’ down on the couch with your laptop in front of the television because the temptation to get lazy and turn on Netflix could turn into a problem. Also, it’s really important to have everything you need to properly do your job in your designated workspace. Phone, printer, post-it notes, etc. The things you need will vary based on the type of work that you’re doing, but make sure everything is handy and accessible.

2. Work like a pro. Even though you’re at home, be professional. You should hold yourself to the same standard as you would if you were in the office. Begin work “on-time” and establish blocks of time to work and stay productive. For example, if you’re working an 8 hour day, work for about 3 hours, take a 15 minute break, work for another 2 hours, take an hour lunch break, and then bang out the last 3 hours. Whatever schedule you create for yourself, stick to it.

Also, I personally feel like a pro when I dress the part. Even though you could work in your tank top and PJs, you might bring the wrong mindset to work if you do.

3. Establish “me time”. This is so important to me. Nothing will drive you crazy faster than being in the house 24/7. Make sure to take time to go outside for some fresh air. Take a walk or even run an errand on your break. Even better, make it a point to meet with someone on your lunch break, that way you don’t lose the social aspect that’s vital to maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

Also, make sure you eat healthy meals and get some regular exercise in. If you sit at your desk all day everyday, it can become very easy to get out of shape. A healthy option that is becoming more and more popular is getting a standing work desk. Studies show that standing while working actually increases productivity, and also is much better for you in the long run.

4. Stay on task. Create a to-do list for the day and actually complete all of the tasks on there. Don’t get in the habit of putting things off for tomorrow. That’s the quickest way to create a pile up of chores that’ll be really hard to get out of. There are so many apps to help you create these lists, or you can do it the old-fashioned way like I tend to do, and write them down. It’s a very rewarding feeling to consistently cross things off of your to-do list, so stay on task.

5. Minimize distractions. One of the biggest challenges for working from home is overcoming the distractions. Going back to being a pro, make sure you increase your productivity by minimizing your distractions. During the block of time you establish to work, make sure social media pages like Facebook are not open in your browser tempting you to take a look. Allow yourself some time before work and/or during your break, but close all tabs not related to work while your “work light” is on.

If self control is an issue, there are apps available that will literally prohibit you from viewing social media websites for certain blocks of time that you establish. Some examples are Cold Turkey for PCs and SelfControl for Mac.

Working from home definitely takes discipline. It may take some time to find your groove, but if you incorporate the tips above into your daily regiment you’ll find it much easier. The keys to success are establishing a healthy work-life balance, staying professional, and taking care of yourself.

Think “Inside” The Box

think inside the box-01

You think you can’t start until you have more money. More time. More experience. More knowledge. More practice.

You think you can’t start until you have a new computer. A camera. A car. A new printer. A better phone. The internet.

You think you can’t start until the weather’s nicer. You have a meeting. Another meeting. The plan’s complete. You have a business partner. Your family gives the ok. You graduate.

You think you can’t start until you finish your homework. You pass the test. You get promoted. Your kids are grown. You move to Cali. Or New York.

As long as you have a prerequisite to start, you’ll never begin. You need to learn to look within for motivation. You have everything you need to make the next move.

My barber, Rashon, taught me this lesson one day by telling me a story about his father who was his youth basketball coach. One day, Rashon and his teammates showed up to practice and to everyone’s surprise…there was no ball.

Confused, all of the kids asked, “How can we have basketball practice if there is no ball?”

The coach responded with a question, “during a basketball game, how many players are there on the court?”

The kids respond, “ten.”

“And how many balls are on the court?” the coach retorts.


“Very good. For today’s practice, we are going to focus on what the other nine players are doing. We are going to learn how to move without the ball”

Think about that story for a moment. If only one player can have the ball at a time, what are the other nine players doing? When people watch basketball, they really have a tendency to follow the person with the ball. But if you watch how the guys move without the ball, that’s where the real magic is.

They aren’t just standing around waiting for the ball to fall in their lap. They are actively preparing themselves to get the ball, and doing everything they can to increase the odds of getting the ball.

Life is no different. 90% of the time, you’ll find yourself in a situation with no ball. Needing something. What you decide to do in these moments is what will shape your character and ultimately prepare you for success. There’s more than enough work for you to do right now with the resources you have available to you.

You don’t need to look externally to find a reason to start. Just take a look inside.

Align With Yourself And Others Will Align With You

align with yourself-01

In the past several months, I’ve had many friends and colleagues tell me that people really gravitate towards me. That there’s something about my energy that pulls people in.

I wanted to understand what was happening and why so that I could continue to do it, and also encourage others to do the same. Although I’d like to think it’s my charming personality and my dashing good looks, I know I’m no John Legend (although I do have the hair thing going a lil’ bit).

I thought, it had to be deeper than that.

The best answer I could come up with is that I’ve figured out my relationship with me. I have determined for myself who I really am, who I want to be, and what I really want in my life, and I am constantly aware of my relationship towards those things.

In other words, when I fall out of alignment with who I want to be or what I want to attain, I am hypersensitive to that discord, and I try to quickly correct my behavior to get back in sync with who I am at my core.

I’ve become a deliberate thinker. I guide every single thought to align with the vision I have of myself. I think on purpose, I act on purpose, and I speak on purpose. I have a firm understanding of who I am, yet I’m still flexible to grow and adapt when I receive better information.

The challenge most people have is not being rooted deeply in their own beliefs. They sway often with the changing winds, and they conform to the wishes of others on a conscious or unconscious level. Because they lack identity, they tend to blend in.

They’re also affected by changes in their environment. If the weather’s bad, their personality takes a shift towards the negative. If their bank account is low, another negative shift. If someone at work doesn’t treat them right, negativity can begin to consume them.

So they wait for their circumstances to change in order to be positive. If I wake up this morning and it’s sunny outside, then I’ll be happy. If I can drive all the way to work without someone cutting me off in traffic, then I’ll be satisfied. If my friend remembers to call me on my birthday, then I will have the best day ever.

All the while, the choice is always there to be whomever and however you’d like to be. It takes having awareness of that decision and the desire to be steadfast in your core to not be swayed by circumstances that are absolutely out of your control.

So how does all of this affect attraction? Well, I’ve been told that it’s refreshing to see someone positive. Different to see someone driven. Beautiful to see someone in alignment with oneself. It’s an energy that we’re wired to create, and thus we are attracted to it.

It’s certainly something that everyone is capable of changing in themselves, but since so few people are aware of that, it becomes extraordinary to see.

“Be the change you want to see in the world” and watch people gravitate towards you.

-Mahatma Ghandi

The Elephant In The Room

the elephant in the room-01

Did you know that the average circus elephant weighs about 12,000 pounds? That’s 3 times the weight of the average car. Can you imagine how powerful a creature like that could be? Unstoppable.

Well then, how do circus trainers control such a monstrosity? An animal of that size shouldn’t be able to be jerked around by anything, let alone a tiny man who is at least 60 times smaller than it.

When the circus elephant is only a baby, the trainers begin to implement a series of behavior controls while they still have physical dominion over the creature. They shackle the baby elephant by the leg with a chain tied to a stake in the ground. The baby elephant isn’t powerful enough to break the chain or remove the stake from the ground. Everyday the elephant tries to move beyond it’s designated area, the chain restricts it’s movement. Eventually the elephant gives up since it’s efforts don’t ever get him anywhere.

As the elephant gets older, the trainer continues to shackle him as before. Only now, the elephant has grown strong enough to break the chain. He could be free if he believed he could, but in his mind, it has become impossible. He has been conditioned to believe he has limitations, so he doesn’t even try.

You’re the elephant in the room, and it’s time to address it. You are much more powerful than you believe you are. Without even knowing your story, I know that you have been conditioned to believe that you are less than capable.

Maybe it was your parents who stunted your growth. They shot down your childhood dreams of becoming a ninja or an astronaut. Told you that it was ridiculous, and that you should just go to school and get a job like everyone else.

Maybe it was your friends who got in the way. Out of fear of losing you, they discouraged you from taking the job of your dreams in another state. They told you that people where you come from don’t belong there.

Maybe it was yourself. That one time you did muscle up the courage to try something new and you failed because you didn’t know enough, didn’t practice enough, wasn’t mature enough or just plain wasn’t ready. Instead of giving yourself another chance, you ran from the pain of failure and put a limit on your own ability.

Whatever or whomever was responsible for conditioning your helplessness does not have to remain in control. Become aware of your power. Become aware of your potential.